Principal Quality Standards: Introduction

In a conversation with Grant Wiggins and Margo Guilott, Grant talked about, “recording the journey”.  While this is a document was originally intended to demonstrate my effectiveness as a Principal, it has grown into so much more for me. This document continues to be a record of the journey in transformational leadership.  My intent is to assist and help administrators everywhere in the transformation of their learning institutions.  Through the philosophy of Schooling by Design and 21st century principles, I offer processes, examplars, ideas and advice from my journey.  In this journey I have learned a few things;

  • Mission is everything
  • If you feel like doing something, consider doing the opposite.
  • Rules don’t really work
  • Believe that people are creative and want to change
  • Mentoring is the most effective way to get growth
  • Continuously ask, “What’s next?”


As a Principal in the Rocky View Schools, the Principal Quality Standards Document provides the framework to reflect and receive feedback on the leadership work to which we engage.

For the 2011-2012 school year, Springbank Community High School continues to be one of the most innovative high schools in the Province.  This year, using the philosophy of Schooling by Design we continued to operate in a One to One environment, became a part of the Alberta Flexibility Project , seriously entered into the project-based learning arena, launched the beginnings of a 21st century Career development plan for students, implemented an advisory program with Electronic Portfolios as the main focus, expanded student leadership and implemented alternative assessment in all disciplines.  In a data driven society, SCHS is using data to make informed decisions as to the direction the school is taking.

This portfolio will demonstrate, using a Schooling by Design philosophy, that I am meeting expectations as outlined by the RVS Principal Quality Standards document.

With the best intentions, I have tried to follow the philosophy of digital citizenship, giving credit where credit is due, asking those who I have quoted or indirectly referenced for permission to use their names and sourced all photographs, videos and quotes.


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