21st Century Professional Learning and Online Presence


Leadership is a state of mind.  We often forget that how we handle the things that come our way are a product of our belief system.  Linked here is the 4 Agreements summarized. It provides an opportunity for us to be reminded of what we need to think about.

Professional Learning in the 21st Century is multi-faceted and personalized. At this point in my professional career, I have expanded my notion of professional learning to be a daily occurrence. Through my on-line presence, I read articles, explore interesting websites and view videos daily. If I find something worthwhile, I curate it, pass it along to others on staff and if something is quite relevant and interesting, I will place it in weekly communication with staff. Further, I curate on the ‘web’ through Twitter, Scoop.it, Flipboard, and Paper.li.  At every flipped staff meeting, all staff are invited to a variety of articles, websites, and/or videos before they come to the meeting. I also attend a wide variety of professional learning opportunities through the school jurisdiction and at the school level.

I am a learner, but I am also a coach, leader and mentor. This year, I had the honor of mentoring two new Assistant Principals.  In addition, I assist with the Administrator Leadership Program, chair the High School Levels group, mentor various administrators within Rocky View Schools and outside the jurisdiction.

I have attended some amazing professional learning opportunities this year. I assisted in the recruitment of potential teachers in Toronto in November, am going as a member delegate to Vancouver Washington to look at career pathways in April and will attend the ISTE conference in San Antonio in June.

I happened to read an article about taking charge of your on-line presence. I took that to heart and for the past two years, I have been growing my on-line presence. If you Google my name, you will find a great deal.

I continue to grow my online presence. Right now, I use mainly Twitter, Scoop.it, Pinterest and Paper.li to keep up with cutting edge thought. I also contribute to these communities; I have close to 1,000 followers on Twitter and I follow more. I publish a curated paper on Paper.li each week and continue to curate on Scoop.it , Flipboard, and Pinterest.

I also co-moderate a North American Principal group called Principal by Design Leadership. Our collective goal is to create Schooling by Design schools that are moving toward one to one, flexibility, universal learning environments and are interested in school reform. Click here for the website. The password is Academy. We use “Hangout” from Google+ to connect and we spend one hour per month having discussions about our journey. The website has been created and is maintained by me. Our transfer goal is:

We want to create and implement an international online learning network for principals, focused on UBD and technology integration so that we can share best practices and create an effective 21st century learning environment in our schools.

Twitter –

My primary on-line presence is through Twitter. I have a hashtag that I curate under. It is #princonv.

Pinterest – Curating Video

Pinterest generates a lot of interest because it has the ability to take images and store them. What I like about Pinterest is that these images link to pages of interest. I have been using it to store articles, pictures and videos of interest to me. Pinterest is a fun way to organize and share. I mainly curate interesting videos and articles related to personalized learning. The personalized information on my Pinterest account was a link I set up for parents so they too could read articles on the topic.  Click here for my Pinterest account.

Paper.li – Curating the Hashtag

I found Paper.li online and found it to be an excellent way to curate the plethora of articles, videos and other information posted on social media. It comes with a “paperli” post button that is handy when you are looking to store instantly that “amazing article”. You can, “add up to 10 different streams of content to your Paper.li. You can drag & drop them to order them by priority. Changes to content streams will be reflected in the next edition.” (Paper.li website) In other words, Paper.li pulls tweets from Twitter using a filtering system. The advantage of this is that you control what is pulled from Twitter. I have set up mine to pull from #princonv and @lesliecollings. I tweet it out once a week. I call it Principal by Design.


With Scoopit, I curate under two topics; 21st Century Principal by Design and Personalized Learning. I curate the web for articles that I think are important. The layout is quite attractive. It also comes with a “scoop.it” button for easy curation. This is also a site I gave parents access to so they could read about the various initiatives we have and the research/philosophy/writings that are out there right now on this topic.


Flipboard is available on ITunes.  It is a wonderful way to curate under topics of interest.  I created a paper called, “Innovative Education” and post interesting articles for world-wide view.


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